Our Policy and Procedures in order to continue horsemanship activities here.

Regarding concerns due to the Covid - 19 virus, we have put into place the following procedures to minimize risk:

1. All parents will stay in cars or on bleachers, with appropriate distancing. (6 feet apart)
2. All students and staff must wash hands before and after lesson (we will supervise students)
3. Wipe down tack before and after lessons
4. Practice “social distancing” and refrain from personal contact as much as possible
5. Provide fresh drinking water at all times.
6. Advise parents and students to stay at home if ill.
7. Follow recommended actions, such as covering mouth to sneeze or cough, etc.

Parents who are interested in registering students for Summer Horsemanship Camp will receive additional precautions related to camp.

Monte Con Dios

Jorine Seale

and The Staff at Pinebrook Farms