Our goal is for our students and clients to learn and grow in their ability safely, and have as much fun as we do. We continue to be actively involved with the North American Horseman's Association, Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA), and national instructor and riding programs. We attend workshops, conferences and clinics to learn new skills, improve techniques and horsemanship knowledge, which we enjoy sharing with our students.

Jorine has trained with some of the nation's foremost trainers and continues to attend clinics, workshops and conferences to stay abreast of the newest trends and techniques in riding. She and her students have won national honors showing 5 different breeds of horses. She was Horse Project Leader with the Tomball 4-H Club for seven years, and served on the Texas 4-H Adult Advisory Board. She currently teaches A 13 week ADULT RIDING / HORSEMANSHIP COURSE here at farm. (See CAMP DIRECTOR and SHOWING) She also teaches horsemanship as an off campus P.E. course for area school districs.

Riding Lessons at Pinebrook Farms provide:

A safe and fun approach to learning about horses

An 80'x200' covered riding arena

Qualified, experienced instructors with training in English, (Huntseat), Dressage, Western, (rail, timed,and show events) and Vaulting

Gentle, well trained, responsive lesson horses

We recommend that students be 7 years old before starting lessons

Safe tack and equipment used for lessons

All riders are required to wear hard sole boots or shoes. They must come up over the ankles and have at least a three-quarter inch heel. Approved riding helmets are also required

Easy to understand lessons that teach:

Safety around horses  Good feeding and stabling procedures
Better riding techniques, (using a balanced seat and correct cues)  Instincts & behavior of horses, (why they act the way they do)
Good grooming and tacking up processes  How to care for the horse
Horse health issues  And much more

LESSON FEES: Normally, lessons are taught in a series of 4, 30 minute private lessons, or 4, 45 minute small group (2-4 riders) lessons for $180.00, reserved and paid for in advance at the first of each month.

LESSON OPTIONS: Students, (depending on age, ability and experience, and when arranged for in advance,) may be given the choice of arriving 30 minutes prior to lesson time, and grooming and tacking up their own horse. This time will be supervised, but not charged for, and will not be included in lesson time. However, the instructor will need to start the lesson at the designated time, and if the student's horse is not ready by the time to start the lesson, they will be charged for that time. (If a student chooses the option of coming early, that commitment will be for an entire set of lessons, and they will be held responsible for the horse being ready by each lesson time.) Instructors will evaluate individual students as to their ability to tack up independently.

Students also have the option of taking sets of 45 minute private lessons at the rate of $220.00 for 4 lessons, providing time can be scheduled with the instructor. Due to instructor scheduling, a student will not have the option to take a 45 minute class one week and a 30 minute class another week, but will maintain the pre-arranged schedule for 4 lessons at a time. They will advise the instructor or office if a different time is desired, prior to the next set of lessons.

For more detailed information about our riding lessson program click here. OUR LESSON POLICYf

Students are required to fill out a HEALTH HISTORY and liability RELEASE FORM before their first lesson